The Core value behind The Voice Of Stray Dogs(VOSD) is that no dog will ever be euthanized due to lack of capacity, money, or funds. We have always strived to provide the best and the most sophisticated medical facilities to the dogs at our sanctuary. We neither give away any dog for adoption nor do we euthanize them. We are proud to say that, at VOSD, all the dogs that have come to our sanctuary have stayed with us until the end. This has only been possible with the efforts of our team, volunteers, and patrons. You can also Donate to the Charity online by visiting our site. Your contribution, however small, can make a big difference.
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5 Ways YOU Can Make a Difference for Stray Dogs in India (Today!)
India is home to millions of stray dogs, many of which face harsh conditions on the streets. These animals often suffer from malnutrition, diseases, and lack of shelter. However, there are numerous ways you can make a significant difference in the lives of these stray dog...continued
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Stray Dogs: The Invisible Crisis in Our Communities
Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, there's an often-overlooked crisis silently unfolding in our communities – the plight of voice of stray dogs. These forgotten furry friends roam the streets, facing hunger, illness, and danger on a daily basis. With their number...continued
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