A Master of Commerce (M. Com) program enables you to pursue knowledge in commerce, finance, and business online. These programs are suitable for practitioners who seek to develop their skills and knowledge in addition to keeping up with their professional and personal lives. Typically the curriculum would include courses such as accounting, economics, marketing and strategic management with interactive lectures, discussions and projects. Online M. Com courses offer the same high quality of education as their classroom-based counterparts and result in an accepted degree. This mode of learning is suitable for career development or to pass to higher positions in commerce and commercial activities.
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Career Option After 12th In Arts
Students who opt to pursue Arts after grades 12 have wide range of career opportunities after 12th in arts. They include social studies, humanities, as well as fine arts and other associated sciences. Examples include Psychology, Sociology, History, and Literature BA degr...continued
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Online BA Course: Program, Syllabus, Fees 2024
Online BA Course is a 3-year Under-graduate degree in Arts to prepare students for further career development in subject such as humanities, social studies, economics and many more. It provides student with quality subject learning with better understanding through digita...continued
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