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Fostering the Foundlings | History Today
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Asia and Africa Unite | History Today
Place markers in preparation for the Bandung Conference, 1955 © Photo by Howard Sochurek/The LIFE Picture Collection/Shutterstock.In April 1955, the young Indonesian state invited the nations of Asia and Africa to unite in Bandung, West Java. Just a decade after the decla...continued
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A Life of Retirement | History Today
Portrait from a shrine, Faiyum, c.100 AD. Bridgeman Images.Nothing really prepares you for the moment when your drive through the arid desert is interrupted by the looming presence of an oasis. Leaving Cairo, the road takes you 40 minutes southwest through a desolate land...continued
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Outlaws at War | History Today
English army with banner, from the Chroniques de France ou de St Denis, late 14th century © British Library Board. All Rights Reserved/Bridgeman Images.Edward I’s unconventional methods of recruiting an army for war against the French in 1294 have received a substantial a...continued
Edward 1
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No Edens | History Today
Mosaic depicting the Flood, Basilica di San Marco, Venice, 13th century. Bridgeman Images.There is a sense of achievement when you complete The Earth Transformed, which at times feels like reading the Testaments of the World, illustrated by the photographs of Sebastião Sa...continued
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Armenia’s Eleventh Century | History Today
Ben JonesNow the Seljuk king came with many armed troops and entered our land, spreading fear and terror among those far and near. He trampled on and overturned many lands until he reached the city of Ani. The armed troops made their way over the wall and poured into the ...continued
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This Flammable Isle | History Today
Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle. Chronicle/Alamy Stock Photo.The Blazing World tells of how the people of England challenged the divine right of kings, toppled tyrants and rejected absolutism by resisting military mobilisation, petitioning and, where necessary, r...continued
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Is Violence the Answer? | History Today
Demonstrators outside Leeds Crown Court on the first day of the trial of the Leeds Bonfire Night 12, June 1975. Photograph by Max Farrar © Max Farrer.‘We do not advocate unprovoked violence but if we are attacked then we are left with no alternative but to defend ourselve...continued
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The One True Emperor on Earth
Portrait of Süleyman by Nakkaş Osman, 1579 © Tom Graves Archive/Bridgeman Images.In the spring of 1566, Süleyman, the sultan of the Ottoman Empire, was old and unwell. He had suffered from gout for more than two decades and was barely able to move. He was not alone – cour...continued
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Literary Heroine | History Today
Marija Jurić Zagorka, mid-20th century. Courtesy Memorial Apartment of Marija Jurić Zagorka/Center for Women’s Studies.Marija Jurić Zagorka has always had plenty of readers, both during her lifetime and now, 150 years after her birth. However, in the last 15 years, thanks...continued
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The Birth of Time | History Today
Creation of the world, decoration from the Ål Stavkirke, Norway, late 13th century © A. Dagli Orti/NPL - DeA Picture Library/Bridgeman Images.​​​​​‘Though all the months are adorned with various kinds of joy and honour, March is the most so.’ That was the opinion of an 11...continued
Birth of time
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Continental Shame | History Today
A woman with children at Auschwitz II in May or June 1944. Part of the Auschwitz Album. Wiki Commons. German Federal Archives.One might wonder why we need another book on the Holocaust. As Dan Stone points out, ‘the historiography of the Holocaust has been unimaginably la...continued
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Hot Gossip | History Today
D.W. Griffith, c.1918 © Granger/Bridgeman Images.‘This is the true story of Hollywood. The most cruel, most despicable town in the world.’ That’s the opinion of Ridgeway Callow, who worked as assistant director on dozens of Hollywood films and TV programmes, writer and pr...continued
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No Silver Bullet | History Today
Citadelle Laferrière, c.1963 © Granger/Bridgeman Images.The life of Henry Christophe – King of Haiti from 1811 until his death in 1820 – is crying out for a modern dramatisation. It follows a steep and spectacular arc, intersecting with explosive historical events. Paul C...continued
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Glory or Gravity? | History Today
‘Newton after William Blake’, statue by Eduardo Paolozzi, London, 1995. Photo: Wikimedia/Creative Commons/British Library.Thanks to funding from the football pools, Eduardo Paolozzi’s massive bronze statue of Isaac Newton looms over the courtyard of the British Library. S...continued
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Toad Testicles, Foul-Beard and Broad-Arse
Edmund ‘Ironside’, from the Genealogical Chronicle of the English Kings, late 13th century © British Library Board. All Rights Reserved/Bridgeman Images.If we were to visit Winchester in the latter years of the reign of Edward the Confessor (1042-66), we might have bumped...continued
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The Power of Protests | History Today
Student boycott rally on the University Mall at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), 2 September 2019 © Justin Chin/Bloomberg via Getty Images.Scandals associated with China’s Zero-Covid policy, in particular the tragedy of the Ürümqi residential block fire, trigge...continued
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The Lost Tudor | History Today
Monastic choir, from the Psalter of Henry VI, French, c.1420 © Bridgeman Images/British Library Collection.In about 1430, Katherine de Valois, widow of Henry V, secretly married a young Welsh squire named Owen Tudor. Their union, which was not widely known until after her...continued
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Treason of the Clerics | History Today
The Babri Masjid, Ayodhya, c.1867 © Universal Images Group via Getty Images.History can be hard to erase. Supporters of Delhi’s current ruler, who promises to end the ‘1,200 years of slavery’ that oppressed Hindus have apparently endured at the hands of Muslims, are learn...continued
Muslim india
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Getting Away with Murder | History Today
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Dead Letters | History Today
HMS Erebus in the Ice, 1846. Francois Etienne Musin. Royal Museums Greenwich/Wiki Commons.Interest in the fate of Sir John Franklin’s 1845 doomed expedition to find the Northwest Passage is enjoying something of a renaissance, thanks in part to its sensational dramatisati...continued
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Save Your Ass | History Today
Protests against US involvement in Angola, 22 January 1976 © CSU Archives/Everett Collection/Bridgeman Images.Richard Bissell, the CIA’s former Deputy Director for Plans (DDP) was called to testify in front of the Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations w...continued
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On the Spot: Rodric Braithwaite
The Dorset County Museum, photographed in 2017. Wiki Commons/Geni.Why are you a historian of Russia?My family had Russian associations: writing its history helps me understand the place.What’s the most important lesson history has taught you? Great leaders are much less i...continued
Dorset county museum victorian gallery
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Vile Verse and Desperate Doggerel
William McGonagall, 19th century © GL Archive/Alamy Stock Photo.Despite his long-running status as ‘the worst poet in history’, William McGonagall has hardly lacked appreciation in literary culture since his death in 1902. Raised in Dundee by a working-class family with d...continued
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What is a ‘Just War’?
Painting by F.J. Mears, before 1930. Wiki Commons.‘Does it matter all that much how we break things and make our enemy’s mothers weep?’Cathal J. Nolan, Professor of History at Boston University and author of Mercy: Humanity in War (Oxford University Press, 2023)During the...continued
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