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Britannia’s Black Spartacus | History Today
Toussaint Louverture, 19th-century engraving. Alamy.In June 1846, 13 years after slavery in the British Empire had been outlawed, and just at the moment when the Sugar Duties Act removed protective tariffs for plantation owners in British colonial possessions in the West ...continued
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November Quiz
[unable to retrieve full-text content]November QuizKatie HolyoakFri, 11/26/2021 - 14:43Source: History Today Feed
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Books of the Year 2021
This article contains affiliate links to bookshop.org: we may earn a commission on these, or you can choose to support your local bookshop.‘Previously invisible threads of causality and consequence’Shadi Bartsch-Zimmer, Helen A. Regenstein Distinguished Service Professor ...continued
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Size Matters | History Today
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Lynching the British | History Today
‘An Englishman is Lynched to Save Expense’, detail from the Illustrated Police News, 11 July 1896 © British Library Board.The mob took no chances. Acting under cover of darkness, all of them masked and some wearing women’s dresses to further conceal their identities, they...continued
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Pius X ends use of Castrati
Eunuchs had long sung in the Byzantine church, but it isn’t until the 1550s that castrati appear in western Europe. The first known to enter the Sistine Chapel choir was a Spaniard in 1562; Pope Sixtus V authorised their recruitment in 1589. By the end of the 17th century...continued
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On the Spot: Margo Neale
Why are you a historian and curator of Indigenous Australian art?Indigenous history and art are interchangeable. Curating is a powerful form of history-telling.What’s the most important lesson history has taught you? That the division between past, present and future is a...continued
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Summer of ’59 | History Today
Roman summers are notoriously ominous for the health of popes and cardinals alike. As the sultry summer of 1559 drew to a close, Paul IV, the harshly repressive pontiff infamous for establishing both the Roman Inquisition and the Index of Prohibited Books, died in the Apo...continued
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The Darien Scheme | History Today
Map of Darien by Herman Moll (detail), engraved c.1730 © National Library of Scotland.In 1698 an ambitious new Scottish trading company established an outpost on the narrow isthmus between North and South America. A colony there, it was thought, would unlock trade between...continued
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Organisation Todt | History Today
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Policing Abortion | History Today
Ben JonesA new law came into effect in the state of Texas on 1 September 2021, which criminalised abortion after the sixth week of pregnancy. This is an addition to the recent cascade of state legislation – at least 90 laws in the first six months of 2021 – designed to un...continued
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In Good Spirits | History Today
‘To drink drunk is an ordinary matter with them every day in the week’, said Giles Fletcher, ambassador to Russia, in 1588. His observation echoed an image commonly painted by other early modern diplomats and travellers, one that still permeates popular assumptions about ...continued
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A Donkey’s Day in Court
The Trial of Bill Burns, by P. Mathews, 19th century. Alamy.There were gasps as the victim was led into court. Some laughed. Clerks whispered excitedly. The defendant, Bill Burns, was appalled. Putting his thumb to his nose, he blew a loud raspberry. But of the victim’s i...continued
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The Doctor Is In | History Today
The British love the National Health Service. In early 2020, people emerged from their homes every Thursday evening to applaud healthcare workers and show support for this treasured national institution. While the strength of feeling might have grown during the pandemic, ...continued
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Christ and the Doctors | History Today
The only biblical account of an event in Christ’s youth is found in St Luke’s Gospel. Aged 12, he accompanied his parents, Mary and Joseph, to Jerusalem for the Feast of the Passover. When his parents set out to return home to Nazareth, the boy lingered behind. Mary and J...continued
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Strength and Guile | History Today
The Special Boat Service is Britain’s original and most secretive special operations unit. Its present incarnation is part of the UK’s Tier 1 Special Forces, which, along with the intelligence services, enables the UK to punch above its weight as a global power, especiall...continued
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Beginning at the End | History Today
Picture a little girl clinging to the legs of her childhood hero. The man is long dead, so she holds on to his crumbling bronze image. The statue is battered and dented; somebody has sawn off its head. The wry smile underneath the fatherly moustache is gone, so is the mir...continued
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Last Stand of Dahomey’s Female Army
Founded in the 17th century, the West African kingdom of Dahomey was a bellicose, expansionist state. The king’s main duty was to ‘make Dahomey always larger’. King Agaju boasted that, whereas his grandfather had conquered two countries and his father 18, he had conquered...continued
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Why has the Gunpowder Plot Been Remembered for Centuries?
‘The newly Protestant nation was remarkably bare of regular festivity’Ronald Hutton, Professor of History at the University of Bristol Guy Fawkes’ Night, the ‘Fifth of November’, has been popular and long-lived for two different reasons. The first is the spectacular natur...continued
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Swimming in the Sahara | History Today
In the far west of Egypt, in one of the harshest stretches of the Sahara desert, is a remarkable cave. On its walls are hundreds of figures: all enigmatic, some plainly oblique. Human bodies, out of proportion, travel in processions, popping in rich ochres on the light wa...continued
Sahara 2
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The Never-ending Process | History Today
I am currently in the final stages of proofreading my next book and so – in between hunting for wayward commas – I’ve been reflecting on what a strange process it is. It becomes impossible to think about anything but the very smallest details. A project which started off ...continued
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The Mountain of Tongues | History Today
Christoph Baumer, already held in awe for his four-volume History of Central Asia, has undertaken what hitherto seemed impossible for one author in under 1,000 pages: a history of the Caucasus from the earliest hominids and, when the second volume is published, to the pre...continued
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It’s Laughable | History Today
Why do we laugh? Thomas Hobbes thought he knew the answer, as he did to most questions. Ridicule, to Hobbes, was a species of contempt. To laugh at something was to deride it. To be laughed at was to be slapped round the chops, an experience both painful and demeaning. Mo...continued
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Camp America | History Today
A friend’s proudest possession is a T-shirt with the motto: ‘I Love Not Camping.’ The shirt works as a marker of identity for my American friend because many of her fellow citizens, as Phoebe S.K. Young’s new book Camping Grounds: Public Nature in American Life from the C...continued
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Bulgaria’s Traumatic Revival | History Today
Ben JonesBulgaria has the single largest Muslim minority population of any country in the European Union. Around 15 per cent of its roughly seven million citizens identify as Muslim (compared with less than five per cent in the UK). The group is ethnically diverse – Bulga...continued
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